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Once signed up, our onboarding process will gather the necessary information from you so that we can track your progress throughout your toolkit journey.


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You’ll gain access to numerous practitioner sessions at discounted rates, with our team checking in on you along the way to help you move towards your goals.


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We’ll continue to support you on your path and provide you with ongoing access to our unique community, and to hundreds of wellbeing related resources.

Wellbeing Wheel

The Nine Science-Backed Drivers of WellBeing

Our WellBeing Wheel is the culmination of more than two decades of research by our Founder, Beverley Le Cuirot. An experienced professional with a proven track record in corporate and organisational leadership, Beverley also trained as a Life Coach, is a qualified IIN Health Coach, and holds certificates in Positive Psychology, Stress Management and Mental Health.

Each area of the WellBeing Wheel is an essential element, proven in science, which together contribute towards a balanced, holistic and harmonious life.

WorkVocation, Life Purpose, Volunteering, Financial Security

EnergyWellness, Physical Fitness, Mental Resilience, Emotional Health

LoveSocial, Family, Friends, Community, Connection

Life BalanceRest, Relaxation, Leisure, Hobbies, Creativity

BeliefTrust, Self Worth, Passion, Drive, Resourcefulness

EnvironmentHome, Workspace, Conscious Living, Outdoor Life

IntuitionSelf-Awareness, Instinct, EQ, Innate Knowledge

NutritionSelf Care, Healthy Eating, Restorative Sleep

GratitudeKindness, Seeing the Good, Compassion, Authenticity

Is the Toolkit for me?

The elements of the toolkit were piloted during the summer of 2020 with a group of small business owners in Jersey; in all cases levels of stress and anxiety were reduced and business owners felt more in control of their lives, enabling them to focus more clearly on their own needs, as well as the needs of their families and businesses.

Choice of features

The Toolkit comprises a structured wellbeing programme to specifically deal with stress/anxiety, overwhelm, guilt, decision making, to enhance self-care, avoid burnout, and rebuild confidence.

Independent counselling, coaching & listening

Independent support from the WellBeing World team, with particular focus given to underlying stress and anxiety, to enhance clarity of focus and boost mental resilience.

NHS approved mental health app

Your own confidential, NHS approved, Thrive WellBeing World Mental Health app for twelve months, with unlimited psychotherapist support via the Mental Health app live chat.

Discounted sessions with wellbeing experts

Over £450 worth of discounts from participating practitioners, online and in person, offering a wide range of health and wellbeing services from life coaching to acupuncture.

Resources and live group coaching sessions

Access to our online library of articles and resources, as well as regular live group coaching sessions and entry to our private community with fellow WellBeing Reimaginers.

Get access to a wide range of health and wellbeing practitioner services

From Life Coaching, Counselling, CBT, NLP, Psychology, Change Management, Financial Wellbeing, Coaching, Mentoring, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Natural Bioenergetics, Health Coaching, Stress Management, Indian Head Massage, EFT and TFT Tapping, Resilience, Sleep Consultancy, Nutrition, Forest Therapy, Yoga, Pilates, Sports Massage, Exercise Referral, Personal Training, and more.

Here’s just a snapshot of the many practitioners included in your Toolkit, and we are adding to the line-up all of the time.

When I started my appointments through the WellBeing Pilot Scheme I honestly didn’t have much hope that anything could change for me. Little did I know! I was amazed at the amount of options available to support us through our daily lives and to help us live our best life.

What people are saying ...

Participants reported that as a result of the Pilot programme, they saw a marked improvement in levels of stress, anxiety and resilience, and they felt better equipped to focus with a clear mind on the needs of their business, themselves and their family.

Many participants experienced a re-connection which they felt had been lost during the lockdown of 2020. This enabled them to turn things around for themselves and their business. To help someone out of the space is invaluable and changes lives for the better.

Supporting the health and wellbeing of all individuals continues to be of paramount importance given the increase in mental health issues, fear and isolation

As a society, we continue to experience collective stress and anxiety like never before. The WellBeing Reimagined Toolkit support for lives and livelihoods is vital.

Build your own bespoke WellBeing Toolkit by choosing from a wide range of expert practitioners and resources to best suit your needs.

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Get access to a wide array of expert practitioners at specially discounted rates, to help you deal with issues such as anxiety, stress, overwhelm, burnout, rejection, and to build confidence and resilience.



Includes access to the expert practitioners, AND provides your very own NHS approved Thrive WellBeing World Mental Health app, with unlimited psychotherapist support to help you relax and to restore calm and focus.


Everything to enable you to live your best life. Includes the Rescue and Relax packages, and provides independent support from the WellBeing World team, with particular focus given to identifying important next steps.

Reflect - Free Self-Awareness Questionnaire

Take our free self-awareness questionnaire. From quiet reflection comes effective action, it enables us to grow. It will also help you find the most appropriate health and wellbeing professionals to support your most immediate needs.


We aim to bring you properly researched information that enables you to make wise decisions and which support your general health and wellbeing. Whilst, every effort is made to ensure the veracity of published information, WellBeing World and its directors, cannot be held responsible for the information contained herein or for the views and actions of individual practitioners, who are all qualified to practise in their own fields of expertise. If in doubt, please consult with a medical practitioner before acting on health information received.

'Reset' is our premium service that enables you to live your best life.

It Includes all the features of Rescue and Relax, and provides independent support from the WellBeing World team, with particular focus given to identifying important next steps.

This package is only currently available on request. Leave your details below and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

The WellBeing Reimagined Toolkit

Free Self-Awareness Questionnaire



Financial Security



Physical Health/ Fitness

Stress / Anxiety

Mental Resilience




Life Balance

Rest / Relaxation

Work-Life Balance


Self Worth

Confidence and Resourcefulness


Your Environment

Time Spent in Nature


Emotional Intelligence



(as in Integrative Nutrition including the things that nourish us beyond the plate)

Self Care

Healthy Eating

Restorative Sleep


Gratitude and Seeking the Good

Specific Needs

Please also let us know overleaf any specific issues or needs you have, with which you would like support.

Please tick if any of the below apply – or write your own comments.

Take Your Wellbeing Pulse

Please select the colour below which is most applicable to you at this time

Green – Feeling well and energised. Able to cope. Thriving.

Amber – A little stressed. Trying to adapt to my situation. Surviving.

Red – Seriously stressed. Feeling at maximum capacity of my resources. Struggling.

Black – Desperate. I’m not sure how I will get through next week. Crisis.